The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. The mission of the Dream Team is to build the body of Christ by each person fulfilling their calling and serving to make an eternal difference.

This team is all about one thing: serving God by serving His people. If you desire a life filled with joy and growth and community, come join the team!


Areas of Service:

A-Team (Administration)

This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve alongside Dream Team leaders to seamlessly transition new Dream Team members into serving.

*New Dream Team

Altar Guild Team

This team serves behind the scenes to prepare both the elements and the environment for Communion during our Communion services and assist water baptism candidates for Water Baptism on their special day.

Creative Arts Ministry

This team brings their creativity and to minister during church services, special services, Christmas Production. This team consist of Screenwriters, Actors, Directors, Acting Coaches, Make Up Artist, Hairstylist, Wardrobe Stylist.

Dance Ministry | Connected Praise

This team ministers through dance during special services, church productions, and special events. This team meets weekly for dance rehearsals.

Adults only (Children and Youth Dance Teams coming soon)

Outreach Team

This team is involved in countless ministries with a focus on bringing God’s love to our communities and world.

Dream Team Serve (Formerly known as Culinary)

This team faithfully serves to host our very own Dream Team members by providing refreshments, prayer and encouragement during services and special events.

Events Team

National conferences, Linked UP conferences and Church-wide events are creatively planned and energetically hosted by this team who places priority on valuing people and serving with excellence.

Excellence Team (Facilities)

This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church. Serving opportunities include baptism, conferences and special events.
*New Dream Team

Medical Response Team (formerly known as Medical Guild)

This unit of health care providers serves to triage basic medical attention to our guests in the event of an accident or emergency at Linked UP.


This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at Linked UP. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message. Assist 1st time visitors into the church and helps them navigate around the church until they are in the sanctuary. They are positioned on the outside entrance of the church.

  • New Dream Team

Next Steps (Education) Team

As the official hosts of our Next Steps, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.

Linked UP Haven (Special Needs)

This team serves guests in the deaf ministry and with special needs, providing specific and intentional care, ministry and development.
*Coming Soon

Linked UP Kids

This team creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, small groups, greeting, games and more.

Linked UP Students

Join the team that is building the next generation, one dynamic worship experience, relevant Small Group, impactful retreat, and life-changing mission trip at a time!

Linked UP Worship

Through vocals, instruments, or audio engineering, this dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of the living God.


This energetic team connects with guests by offering a warm welcome and assisting with the First Time Visitors Reception.


This team welcomes guest, and prepares the tools that allow guests to participate in worship during our services. Connection cards, offering envelopes and message notes are joyfully assembled and recycled each week!

Concierge Team | Hot Spot Information Center Resources

This team connects guests to the Church community, providing resources and information on all of our current events, ministry opportunities and services at Linked UP.

Kids Check-In

This team welcomes families as they arrive at our Linked UP areas and facilitates the check-in process that ensures children are cared for effectively and efficiently.

Legacy Team

Members of this team use the gift of giving to help fulfill the vision of Church of the Linked UP. Through strategic financial offerings above their tithe, they support projects impacting our city, state, nation and world.
*Coming Soon

Ministry Room

The Ministry Room Dream Team addresses the needs of altar call respondents upon the Pastor’s invitation for the following:

  • Salvation
  • Rededication
  • Membership
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit (with the bible evidence of speaking in other tongues)
  • Prayer

The Ministry Room Dream Team members also follow up with each respondent to help them with their Next Steps in their Christian walk.


Online Campus

Connect with guests of Linked UP from around the world as a part of the incredible team that encourages, prays for and builds relationships with those who attend Church online.
*New Dream Team

Parking Team

This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of Linked UP! If you relish the great outdoors, look good in a uniform, and enjoy telling people where to go, this is the team for you!

Prayer Team

This team of trained intercessors covers the weekend and midweek services in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord. Join this team that is blazing the trail for God in our city!

Little Linkland (Preschool and Nursery)

This team leads children into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions.

Prison Ministry

This team carries the love and Gospel of Jesus to those in area prisons and correctional facilities.
*Coming Soon

Production (Formerly known as Media)

Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches thousands by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, and other visual elements.


  • Linked UP Audio team provides care for the greatest amount of technical needs for the ministries at Linked UP Church. Whether it’s a weekend service, mid-week bible study, small gathering, workshop, or large-scale conference, chances are they at least need audio support for their ministry event.

Lights (Coming Soon)

  • Linked UP Lighting team contributes to some of the most directly noticeable features of ministry events at Linked UP. Lighting is both a necessity and an enhancement to the overall atmosphere and experience visitors will encounter when attending events at Linked UP.


  • Whether it’s a weekend service, mid-week bible study, small gathering, workshop, or large-scale conference, chances are there will be some level of visual aid or capturing to support the productions for ministry events at Linked UP


  • There is a great deal of planning, building set props, running cable lines, spiking cue marks, updating planning notes and corresponding within our “prep mode,” this is all done in an effort to provide (at times) extreme levels of adaptability and flexibility to accommodate last moment audible and asks to achieve a successfully smooth running and distraction-less production for ministry events.


This team facilitates the Linked UP experience at our portable campuses by setting up before service and taking down after service.


This team is “invisible yet invaluable” and dedicated to being the eyes and ears of the ministry to ensure a safe environment where all are free to worship.


Small Groups

We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Small Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission.

Social Media

This team connect with our community and promote various activities and events through social media. This tech-savvy team creates awareness for our church and various ministries using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media to connect the community with what’s going on in and around Linked UP Church. Volunteers help with developing creative messaging for posts, tweets and photographs. 


These mighty men prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering and maintaining a distraction-free environment.


Interested in Serving?

Take the next step in joining the Dream Team by attending a Next Step event. Connect 4: Next Steps are designed to help equip you to live life as a fully-devoted follower of Christ and will help you discover and fulfill your God-given purpose.


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